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Maha shivratri Special God Shiv Ji Images Photographs Pictures HD Wallpapers Free Download

Shiva is one of the three major deities of Hinduism. Also knows as Devon Ke Dev. He is also known for the God of Gods in Hinduism. He is Anant, neither found born nor found dead. The worship of shiva is a Hindu tradition. Here are Lord Shiva Beautiful HD Wallpapers Images Pictures Latest Collection.

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Natraj is also the another form of lord shiva. Shiva Natraj”s dance represents both the creation and destruction of the universe. The two common form of the dance are the Tandava.

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Holy Goddess Ganga flows from the matted hair of shiva. Ganga is one of the major rivers of the country. The flow of the Ganga also represents the nectar of immortality. Shiva is also known as ‘panchavactra’ means 5 heads which indicates 5 elements. Shiva also has 4 arms which indicates 4 vedas.

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Lord siva is also known as Neelakanta, he gained this epithet when he consumed the kalakuta(Poison) that emerged from Samundra Manthan. Lord Shiva is the third element in the Hindu Trinity. Lord Shiva is the destroyer of the world, Brahma is the creator and Vishnu is the preserver. Here, you will get the blessings of lord shiva every morning by sending Lord Shiva Beautiful Wallpapers to your nearest and dearest.

Girls worship God Shiv Ji before the wedding, it’s believed by doing shiv linga worship you will get a good spouse. Shiva is also known by the many names- Bole Nath, Bhava, Bhairava, Nataraja, Pashupati, Mahayogi, Mahadeva, Vishwanath.
Today, here we will tell you about the stories of god shiva. We are also sharing some beautiful pictures of Lord Shiv Ji, Wallpapers of god Shiva, Whats app Images of Shiva Ji and much more.

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God Shiva Latest Images
May Lord Shiva fullfill all your dreams. May God Shiv Ji fill your life with happiness and love. Hopefully you will love all these Lord Shiva Images, God Shiva Beautiful Pictures, Shiv Ji Images For Whats App Dp. Share these Lord Shiva Images and Photos with your friends and family. Stay connected with us for more updates.

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