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Jokes of the Day SMS

Jokes of the Day SMS

A man goes to the doctor and says: Doctor, I have big problem. My whole body is paining. Doctor: What do you mean? Man: When I touch my shoulder, it really hurts, If I touch my knee, it hurts,When i touch my forehead, it really really hurts. Doctor: I know what is wrong with you. You have broken finger.

Teacher: 2 aur 2 kitne hote hai?
Pappu: 6
Teacher: Kaise?
Pappu:Galti se.

Mohit: Yar ye doctors operations karte waqut patients ko behosh kyu kr dete hai?
Sohan: Taki koi operation karna na sikh le.

Jitin drink krte hue rone laga.
Ajay:Kya hua achank rone kyu rone lage?
Jitin:yar jis larki ko bhulne ke liye drink kr rha us larki ka nam yad nhi aa rha hai.

Pappu:Ye phone kitne me kharida?
Miku:Kharida nhi utha liya,girlfriend ka hai.
Miku:Roj kahti thi, tum mera phone nhi uthate, aajmauka dekhkr utha liya.

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