Husband Wife joke Sexy Jokes and sms in hindi
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Husband Wife joke Sexy Jokes and sms in hindi

Sexy Jokes and sms in hindi

Adult joke patient and the doctor

An upset man Goes to a Sex Therapist.

Man: Doc, u Gotta help me. Please!

Doc: Sure Dude. Wats ur problem?

Man: It goes like this.
Every Morning I get up & give my wife Hot Sex.
Then leave for office. I give a lift to my girlfriend, while going to Office, she gives me an amazing blowjob.

While in office, After lunch I give My secretary a Quickie behind My table doggy style.

After I finish Work, I have steamy sex with a Callgirl whom I order everyday.

While Returning home from office I bang girlfrnd in my car.

While at home, I Fuck my wife till she Is half Dead.

After Dinner she gives a nice blow job to finish of My Day.

Doc: Well u Seem 2 have an Amazing sex life. I dont see any problem..??

Man: There is a problem Doc.

It hurts when I Mastubate at Midnight.X_X

Husband Wife joke (sexy)

Pati ke Penis pe madhu makkhi kaat gayi. He goes to doctor with his wife.

Wife sharmate hue,"Sirf dard ki dawa dena,sujan rehne dena.";;)

Husband wife adult joke

Husband walking behind his Wife says, "Baby u become so fat...ur bums look like a washing machine!!''
The wife keeps quiet and keeps walking...
At night the husband asks for sex..
Wife, Sorry Darling..I cant start d washing machine for such a small load !!
Why don't you do a hand wash!

Husband wife joke on poor performance

Pati Gaana Gaa raha tha- Me Duniya Hila dunga Teri Chahat me..
Patni- Rahne do Raat ko Khatiya to Hila nahi pate, Duniya kya Khak Hilaoge.?.

Husband wife adult joke in hindi

Wife ko yaqeen tha ki pati & Naukrani me sex Relation hai.

Dono ko 1 sath pakdne k liye plan bnaya

or Naukrani ko chupke se chutti pe bhej diya.

Raat ko pati ne pet Dard ka Bahana kiya or toilet gaya &

wife Naukrani k Bed Pe ja k so gayi or Light off kar di

wo silently Room me aye or sex krne laga



Sex k baad wife boli Tum Mujhe Yaha dekh k SHOCKED hoge

or light on kar di




watchman Bola Madam Aap ?!!!

Moral zyada smart bnne wala aese hi chud jaate h 

2 men are in a doc's office to get a vasectomy (nasbandhi). Nurse asks both men to strip. She begins to masturbate 1st man.

Nurse and patient Adult joke

Man1: Why are you doing that?
Nurse: I have to vacate all the sperm in your system to have a clean procedure.
Then she drops to her knees & starts giving 2nd man oral sex and has sex with him.
Man1: Why is it that I get masturbated & he gets a blow job and sex?
Nurse: That sir, is the difference between Mediclaim and Cash payment=))

Adult hindi joke on new married couple
(Sharma ji ki suhagrat hindi joke)

Sharmaji on his first night: Jaanu, itna kyun ghabra rahi ho?
Biwi: Mujhe sex ke bare mein kuch bhi nahi pata
Sharmaji: Arre, to isme sharmane ki kya baat hai, (He points at his dick) Isko kehte hain qaidi(Then he points at her pussy) and isko kehte hain Jail jab qaidi jail mein jaata hai, toh usse s-x kehte hainBiwi: Itna aasan?
To phir chaalu karein?

They have passionate sex and Sharmaji rests

Biwi nudges him again and says:
Suno, jail khuli hai aur qaidi bahar hai

Sharmaji gets on her again and they make out

After 10 mins Biwi nudges him again and says: Jail khuli hai, Qaidi ko daalo na

Sharmaji thodi himmat jutate hai and makes out again
As he lies exhausted

Biwi says: Jail khali padi hai
Qaidi ko bhejo na

Sharmaji: Bhenchod,Qaidi ko ' UMAR QAID ' thodi mili hai.


funny joke wife discussing about their sex life

Mrs Shukla- I notice that when I go down on
Shuklaji and give a blowjob his balls are always
Mrs khosla-- Mr khosla's balls are cold too, when I
give Blowjob.
Mrs nair is shocked, How can you both do such
thing, It is disgusting.
Both explain to mrs nair that a blowjob is the best
way in getting him to buy Jewelry.
Mrs. Nair agrees and says-I will try tonight.
Next Day....Both are shocked to see mrs nairs face
bruised and beaten black n blue,
What Happened they asked ??
Mrs. Nair-- mr. Nair did this.
Ladies- But why ??
Mrs nair-- I don't know, I was giving blowjob and
all I said was - Hey your balls are also cold like
Mr. Shukla and Mr. Khosla.. 
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