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Love Shayari – Love Joke – Love Sms – New Edition

Love Shayari – Love Joke – Love Sms – New Edition
Love Can Travel Miles Away, Just Like Time Does During Night & Day, But As Love Travels Miles Apart, It Still Has A Solid Place In The Heart, As I Express These Feelings I Have For You, I Hope You Have Them For Me Too, Because My Life Is Empty Without You  ! ! !
BF msg 2 his Gf:
Baby Sorry 2 Disturb u.
can u send Me Ur Photo?
Its Urgent
Serious matter
“we r playing cardS & Ive Lost my Queen ”  ! ! ! 
Love is like a cloud, love is like a dream,
Love is one word & every thing in between,
Love is fairytale come true,
Because i found love when I found you  ! ! !
Most romAntic line:
A boy told his girlfriend- Your eyes are just too

D girl replied- yes,they r beautiful,only bcoz u stAy in
dem ! ! !
Take my eyes but let me see you,
Take my mind but let me think about you,
Take my hand but let me touch you,
But don’t try to take my heart,
Because its already with you  ! ! !
Cutest confession ever by a lover 2 his love
“When i Cry, i see U in my Tears
I Clean my Tears, so that No One else can see U  ! ! !
If i could bring back Memories
i would bring the first day i kissed u
i look u in the eyes and felt love..
thanks god an angel came into my life  ! ! !
You mean the world to me,
Without you the world is nothing to me,
You are the other half of me,
The most beautiful and best half of me,
I love you better than I love me  ! ! !
Life is a story written by Gods hand..
I do not know how you got into my story..?
But I pray you stay in it,
Until God writes my last chapter  ! ! !
Ham apne is ikhtiyar ki had sey guzar gaye,
tumhe chaha toh pyar ki had sey guzar gaye,
Ab Jaagi hain dil mei gulaabo ki aarzu,
Jab mausam-e-bahaar ki had sey guzar gaye  ! ! !
The day you fall in love with someone,
You think is the happiest day of your life,
But in actual you become the weakest person,
Who can’t live without someone ! ! !
The distance between two hearts,
Is not an obstacle,
Its a beautiful reminder of just,
how strong true love can be  ! ! !
Ham ashik pane ko ishk smajhte rahey,
Aur Jo pa bhi liya,
Wo ishk hai hi nahi,
Wo toh ishq-e-hararat hain ! ! !
Protect her, love her, kiss her, hold her, smile with her, laugh with her.
But don’t make her fall if you don’t plan on catching he  ! ! !
Kisike sapne jab kisike armaan(desire, ichha) ban jaaye,
Kisiki hansi jab kisiki muskaan ban jaaye,
Pyar hi toh kehtey hai na usse,
Kisiki saansey jab kisiki jaan ban jaaye ! ! !
Love Shayari – Love Joke – Love Sms – New Edition Love Shayari – Love Joke – Love Sms – New Edition Reviewed by Bhagyesh Chavda on February 12, 2016 Rating: 5

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