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Sunny Leone Special Jokes

Sunny Leone learning Hindi !!

Sunny Leone Special Jokes

Sunny Leone special – Sunny Leone learning Hindi !!

Teacher askd her 2 translate in English : Chaddar dekh kar pair failana.

Sunny: Wherever you see a bedsheet, Just spread your legs..!


Whats The Similarity Between Sunny Deol And Sunny Leone ???

They Both Shout A Lot In Their Movies 


Sunny Leone arrived at a Railway Station for a shooting…

Bhikhari: Behanji 1 rupiya dedo..

Sunny Leone gave him 1000 Rs.

Secretary: Why u gave him 1000 Rs..??

Sunny Loene: Pehli bar kisine behan kaha hai… dil bhawuk ho gaya.


Director 2 Sunny Leone – Suhagrat ka scene hai, Dudh ka glass le ke jana hai aur hero ko pilana hai…

Sunny Leone :- Agar Glass se hi Pilana tha to Hema Malini Ko le lete. !!


Postal department has issued Sunny Leone stamps.

Men are confused which side to lick and which side to stick ….


A bank was planning to use Sunny Leone’s legs as the logo for its ATM. ? ? ? ? ?

Just wanted customers to know that they are open 24 hours


Sunny Leone to taxi driver- Airport chaloge??

Driver- Haan chalunga…

Sunny leone- Kya loge ?

Driver- Gareeb Aadmi hoon behenji, Paise hee lunga.

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