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Confession of an Un-Cool Girl

Confession of an Un-Cool Girl
“Cool” is the most abused word in presence today. I don’t recognize what to understand when individuals depict somebody as a “cool” girl. More often, “she” ends up being a girl altogether different from me. She either has straight hair or a muddled bun. She’s thin. She wears a short dress with pumps. She quite often has superbly waxed legs. She’s splendid with eye cosmetics. She drinks and go out for parties, and she smokes consistently, at the same time doing a ton of other stuff typically thought to be cool. She cracks dirty jokes and giggles at them as well. She’s at another club everyday; she is dependably with somebody and she thoroughly understands boys. Essentially, she’s all that I’m definitely not.

I am alright with who she is and I hardly think about her. However, does that make me an un-cool girl?

1. Everyone I know is not my friend.

For me, fellowships and connections have a significance. I invest time with individuals who are my friends or individuals I need to be friends with. I can’t ‘hang out’ with just anyone. I can’t drink with everyone. I don’t need “people”, I require “MY People”.

2. I like to hold my glass of wine.

I like to drink, yet I don’t prefer to get drunk. I like to be cognizant after few glasses of wine. I don’t do shots in light of the fact that I know I’ll through up. I can’t deal with it. I don’t regard liquor as motivation to go out. I don’t have a different drunk identity. Tipsy or not tipsy, I am dependably myself. Thus, I am constantly named the “Boring” one. I used to feel terrible at a certain point, yet now I don’t care.
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3. I feel like punching everybody who says “You have to relax” in the face, twice.

I am fine the way I am. Don’t like me? Go away, but don’t even try to change me.

4. I think open-relationships are fake.

I don’t care for the way that you hook up with somebody in light of the fact that you like them and that is the only possible thing you can do with them.They won’t commit to you, however would love to have physical relations with you. Regardless of the amount it upsets your head, despite everything you’ll take that and put on a show to be alright. You’ll sob for a few back to back evenings and still support open relationships. Nope, my dating inclinations are distinctive. I like to be in a typical good morning-good night sort of relationship.

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5. I don’t wear different clothes, only in light of the fact that it is what is expected.

Also, neither do I spend a lot on brands. I like to dress basically, wear clothes in which I feel comfortable. What’s off with a pair of denims and a white shirt? I didn’t know your dressing style had something to do with your coolness.

6. Makeover? I needn’t bother with one

I despise those girls who want to give me a makeover. They always keep telling me, ‘You are so pretty, however why not put make-up? I’ll show you how to dress up or how to get in shape.’ They are even prepared to share their insight about lingerie with me. I want to explain to them them that I am upbeat the way I look. In the meantime, I have this consistent desire to pull their hair off their scalp and tell them to leave me alone. I don’t need a makeover. Period.

7. I am a mindful grown-up. Is that an issue?

I don’t know why being a rebel is viewed as cool, though coming to office on time is viewed as “un-cool”. Simply in light of the fact that I am sorted, everybody looks down on me. I like to consider everything important from falling in love to getting decent score in exams. I only drink on weekends. I like crying as it makes me feel better afterwards. I don’t fake being solid when I am most certainly not. I am a typical individual.

8. My parents put time limit on me and I comply with them

Yes, despite

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