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Latest Love Painful Sad Poems Collection and Image

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Sitting alone under the stars so light,
I desire you were here holding me tight.
All days without you feels like eternity,
I desire the day will come that you can be with me.
I miss your touch, your hug, your odor,
Why am I in this ditch, my own hell?
I miss you so much I cannot support to cry,
So much aloneness I am about to die.
The memories we shared all looks but a dream,
But then I think of your sweetest word,
That you love me and need me, I start to cry.
My love please come back I want your breath,
I will love you always even after death...!!!

My Heart pains
My heart pains when I talk to you
My heart pains when I do not hear from you
My heart pains when I long for you.
I do not know why
You have taken over my feelings
I can’t clarify
You are still a stranger
Far away
I want you close by
I miss your hug
Holding you near
My heart pains
I miss you...!!!

I want you so much it hurts, my love
I want you with like fiber of my being
I want you like there is no night,
I want you deeply, it's all my loving.
I want you with my whole heart
I wish we were no longer separately...!!!

I miss you
I miss the hours we would pass talking,
Being open and truthful and free
I miss how my heart would inhale a sigh of
Liberation because you conveyed me peace
I miss the feeling of faith and happiness
And how with you I continuously felt satisfied
I miss you
I miss the days I would spend untruthful
By your side finding the lines upon your skin
I miss the way you seized me close enough
To hear your heartbeat, I desire I could hear it again and again
I miss you
I miss you every minute of routine
It’s a pain, a sorrow, an emptiness
That does not ever go away...!!!

I am alone,
So very lonely
I injured,
Very badly
But I ignored,
Just thrown away
I am safety,
For others to have
I am alone,
There is no one close,
No one knows the pain
I cry,
Hope is gone
I am alone,
And no one sees...!!!

I cannot alive without you
You are constantly on my mind, day and night
When I think of you, all emotions so exact
Need to have you, need to grip you
And tell you that I love you.
My dear, I do not want to see us separately
This separation just tears away my heart
I miss you, I really miss you
Will need you more and more every day
I know I cannot alive without you
I miss you, my words can not say...!!!

Do not hurt her emotions
Stop guiding her on,
Her emotions are not a joke.
If you know she likes you more than a friend
Then behave towards her the way you see her.
If you see her as a friend, then be a friend.
If you see her more than a friend like lover
Then do something about it.
But if you just want to play around because she is fine
And get her wishes up for something that will never happen,
Then that's low of you.
She is not a play,
And neither are her emotions for you...!!!

I hate myself for losing you
Here emotion so down
Knowing you won't be everywhere
In the rain all alone
Facing the world personally
I pushed you away
But I desired you to stay
Now I am here all by myself
Because now you are with somebody besides.
A girl here with a cracked heart
Been crying since the day we part 
Boy, I didn't want you to go
I just want you to tell
When we kissed I still feel it on my lips
I also hear you in my thoughts saying you love me
I also feel your hands tangled with mine
I miss when we were together everything was fine.
I look at our photo and cry myself to sleep
My tears so sad they also cry
I still heed to our song
Repeats me of the times we were strong
My heart feels so sad and depressed
I hate myself for losing you...!!!

Painful Love.
Watching you from aside the room 
Sends searing pain across my heart. 
I think one year ago, 
When I thought we had never part. 
My love for you just would not die
It just grows every day more and more. 
I wish you should dare to look at me 
And hear what I have to say; 
"I love you so much and I wish you come back"
But these words you just would not hear.
You do not seem to memorize them
All the memories I take dear.
You were my first kiss, my first love
And now you do not care.
How could you just blow it away?
We were the complete pair.
You seem satisfied to let me go
You are doing excellent as you are,
While I am still missing how we were.
We had the best love for you...!!!

Help Me to Find My Heart.
I search my heart
Lying in a trench
My valuable heart
Was treated so badly
Gone here and there
To stitch it back
Place in the chest
Keep away bad tracks
I thought it was secure
To use it back
And using it I found
It was so badly hurt
I could not feel its beat
It died so silently
Without any protest
Not even I felt
And all that's left
Is just some ash...!!!

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