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Latest Best Romantic Love Poems For Her


Who are you?

You, with the slender fingers
And wood colored eyes
With the soft brown hair
Strong arms and long legs

Who are you?

You, with the laugh that rings
And the sweet, deep voice
With the pep in your step
Light heart and open mind

Who are you?

You are the light
That keeps children safe in the dark
You are the ray of sun
Peeking through the clouds on a rainy day
The heavy metal armor

That saves the knight from the sword
You are the epic hero
Who trudges through his journey
You are the thing I know of most
And the thing I know about the least
I ask again, who are you?
You are mine...!!!

My love for you

cannot be described
by romanticized things
like ocean shores 
or flowers,
or pale blue,
mornings skies,
or distant stars.
because oceans kill 
and flowers wilt
blue skies fade
and starlight dies.
So the only way
that i can say
i love you 
because i do
is trapped within

hidden eyes
because eyes cannot drown 
or wilt, or die
or fade from light to dim
or take away all wariness
the love that lies within...!!!

If I had one wish.

If one desire could come true.
If I had one wish.
My wish would be you.
If I could choose.

I would stay in your arms forever.
Our hearts would fuse.
And our love would become an endeavor.
I would wish for you to stay with me.
For you to be my love.

You would be my hearts key.
Forever my angel, my dove.
Forever is a long time.
To require in a single command.

I will write our love in a rhyme.
For it would be my demand.
I would ask of this.
Only with your permission.

Lost in a kiss.
Our love is my ambition.
So I wished upon the star.
The star that reminded me most of you.

My actions seemed bizarre.
But this wish I had to pursue.
If I had one wish.
My wish would be you.
And since I made that wish.
My wish has come true...!!!!

Darling, Darling.

Darling, she’s lying
Can’t you see it?
Pretty clear under that lipstick
But oh, wait, it’s the laugh
It’s the sigh she gives 
It’s a special one after each drink
That blush on her cheeks 
It real not fake 
It’s shame she guilt's 
Hidden in too dark

Darling, when will you stop ?
How will it end?
Don’t break his heart
Remember what you've done last time
I guess that lace dress wasn't enough 
Stop singing, dear
Your charming too much
It’s not live your bringing..
It’s lust

Darling, look around you 
How many others do you see?
None? As I expected.
Leave her, she’s not worth it
She’s just a game and your losing 
Go back home 
There’s nothing over here 
Your not going to rescue your life
Go to your wife, she’s been crying 
Go embrace her
She needs you
There’s nothing here to gain

Darling, haven’t you had enough already?
Let him go
You know he will
All of them do
So why are you wasting 
Go save your soul, while you still have one
Your polish wont work here anymore 
So just let it go...!!!

I Loved You
I have loved you; even now I may confess,
Some embers of my love their fire retain
but do not let it cause you more distress,
I do not want to sadden you again.

Hopeless and tongue tied, yet, I loved you dearly
With pangs the jealous and the timid know;
So tenderly I loved you- so sincerely;
I pray God grant another love you so....!!!

Midnight Escapade

Come along with me at midnight
to the place only we know
Go ahead, take my hand
and away, we go

As the cold breeze sweeps along,
we run away into the night
While your eyes shine like diamond 
under the pale moonlight

Deep in the shadows,
we disappear
The noise of the city,
we no longer hear

Take a step closer
and feel the beat of my heart
Let me hold you near
Nothing can tear us apart

Under your spell,
I cannot resist
the magic of your touch
and the taste of your lips

The clock stops
in a moment like this 
You freeze the time
with the sweetest kiss

I can stay like this forever
with you by my side
No more lies to tell
No more secrets to hide...!!!

The brown eye

Between the afternoon and evening, warm and silent
Dam of banned and wild look,
As the shadows I search in the mirror
As darkness and light between the threads of the hours;
Slave in her look fierce and quiet discover it
Distant from the nearby night days
Like its reflection glass
I am a whisper of its aroma,
And the echo of his eyes.

His indiscreet silent his eyes me notes
His smile responds to my eyes to quiet him perceive;
And this far has been! Further than anyone else
Thinking of immaculate shadows in the dark
Your man, man and child;
You ins thousand things in the nostalgia of the memory
I speak in my silence and I shut you up with your silence
And you hear me far away like the wind
And I answer anxious until the last cry of my eyes.

My words carry them marked in your skin
And you think up owner of my thoughts,
We echo of night and our stealthy owns it
As long as we see burn the Moon kissing us eyes;
If! the eyes which are the silent language
Anyone you seem to define when your eyes
And I want to do with you what the stars in the universe
And I want to wander into your body like the Sun in the days

The Sun flowing through your body and makes you present
I steal sighs and I surrender your smiles,
To dump you on my lips on the evening of the day
And your silence haunts persecuted my loneliness and nostalgia,
Your eyes are the mysterious voice
Silent my consciousness,
As shadow speak to me and me naked
And in the twilight of the evening I blankets in your arms
And I become fire and the flame of your soul am
Your of worried eyes, silent rattlesnake
Which arrow of gold beyond my horizon
As the waves of the sea I wet your body
And I come back madly yours if yours!
Between the savannas of the moon.

And today you are my thirst, my anxiety and my refuge,
I am your slave and prisoner of your body
And I socavas with the dew of your kisses
And I’m all yours
If yours! So yours! More than anyone
To deliver you completely to you
When your whatever you want and when your want
And give me conquered man,
That is mine! Between the afternoon and evening,
To pay me to him, to him!
The man who dominates me
To him!
The Brown eyes...!!!

poem guissee...

The crack of dawn is peaking at me,
through the chilled window.
I know that time is ticking,
but I don’t want to go.

I can feel your arm around me,
your warmth is spreading through the sheets.
With my back against your torso,
like a perfect puzzle piece.

You’re sleeping right behind me,
your breath is in my ear,
I get a million butterflies 
every time you’re near.

The silence has settled in,
but not the awkward type.
You and me intertwined like this,
is such a perfect sight.

I turn around to face you,
hoping that it might seem,
that my face is the first you see,
when you awaken from your dream.

Your name rolls off my tongue,
and as you wake, i’m filled with joy.
Don’t know how I became so lucky,
to find my perfect boy.

Your eyes lock onto mine, 
and my skin ignites with chills, 
the love swimming in them,
is such an enormous thrill.

You smile, and pull me closer,
and I can’t help but blush. 
Just the brush of fingertips,
and I melt within your touch.

I don’t wanna move,
If I could I’d stay here all my life, 
hoping that one day being your girlfriend,
might turn into being your wife

So before we go back to sleep,
let me say this one thing, cause I need to.
I need to tell you before you dream,
that i completely and irrevocably love you...!!!
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