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Latest Best Love Poems with Romantic Pictures

There Are Things I Want

I know not whatJust that i lack themThere are things I needI feel their lackBut i cannot say what they areWould you come to meTo take my handIn spite of cratersThroughout my landIn spite of darknessOn certain daysWould you take my handAnd walk my way...!!!

Wanting to Make it So.

My handCan hold your wristsYour hairTwined round my fistYour heatAgainst my hipsYour nameUpon my lipsTo feelYour need with mineTo kissAnd take my timeThe motionWith legs entwinedI want you...!!!

Do Not Turn me Loose to Wander in My Need

YouAre my dreamOf hungerYou gnaw at meThrough the nightYou leave your markUpon my skinYouAre my keeperShackling me to your needTying me to your desirePainting my dreamsRed and blackWith the heat of your lipsWith the press of your hipsWith the flat of your handYouAre my authorWriting my lustOn your skinScripting my passionIn my bloodYouYou.....!!!

Even If You Never Know, I Do.

seeing youMakes my heart raceAnd i want youThough you turn awayThe sight of you steals my breath awayThough you never knowDo youMy dreams of youBeauty in the nightGlow etherealIn my heartSeeing youMakes my heart raceAnd i want you...!!!

Once You Are Mine To Use.
Use me, you saidAs your knees spreadYour hem moved higherMy skin, on fireMy fingers slid along Silken thighI felt your sighYour heat grew highI felt you movePressing skin so smoothTo my finger tipsAnd I took your hipsAs mineMine to useYou are mineTo use...!!!

Give and Take.

GiveAnd takeShe offered HerselfSo much of herHe could haveHe could takeFor such little to giveIn returnTake andGiveShe would doWhat was askedFor his caring concernIn returnThe wantsAnd the needsTo be takenTo be heededTo offer so muchAnd yetAnd yetWhat should be So very simpleIs never that...!!!

Want, Raw and Unvarnished and Yet.


On a faceless plane

I look for you

Without a name

The heat i need

To move my heart

The touch i want

To ground my soul

I look for you

A hand to hold...!!!

Something that Won’t Let Go.

There is something about you
I can’t forget
Something about you
That won’t let go
Though I don’t know you
Though we’ve just met
There is something about you
I need to know
The way that you use words
A look in your eye
The way that you move
The sound of a sigh
There is something about you
That haunts my dreams
Something about you
That echoes in me...!!!
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